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A turbocharger is a device used for high performance gas and diesel engines to increase power without adding much weight.[1] In order to create an explosion within an engine cylinder, both fuel and oxygen must be present. The greater the concentration of each, the greater the amount of energy released during an engine stroke. A turbocharger’s goal is to increase power by maximizing the amount of oxygen within engine cylinders.[2]


[edit] Features

A turbocharger has three main components: an air pump, an exhaust turbine, and an intercooler.[3]

[edit] Air Pump

Turbochargers compress air as it enters the engine using an air pump. Typically, a turbocharger is able to get about 50 percent more air in an engine than normal, resulting in a 30-40 percent increase in power.[4]

[edit] Exhaust Turbine

An exhaust turbine is used to generate energy to run the air pump. As exhaust exits the engine it passes through a turbine, which makes the turbine spin at speeds up to 150,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) to generate electrical energy for the air pump.[5]

[edit] Intercooler

An intercooler cools air before it enters the engine. When air is hot the particles are far apart from one another. By cooling air down the particles move closer together, so more oxygen can fit in each cylinder. More oxygen means more power.[6]

[edit] How It Works

Turbochargers are automatically engaged when the gas pedal is applied. As the engine speed increases exhaust exits the engine at a greater rate, which spins the turbine faster, compresses the air going into the engine and generates more power. This process takes a few seconds, which is why there is lag time between when the gas is applied and when the turbo kicks in.[7]

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