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[edit] What is RitchieSpecs?

RitchieSpecs is a search engine specification database housing over 11,000 current and historical specs for vast types of equipment. Users can search equipment specifications by industry, model and manufacturer. At Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers we envision RitchieSpecs and RitchieWiki as a virtual online equipment community by which multiple authors will contribute, add to, and improve upon a large body of resource material.

[edit] Where Did We Get the Specs?

The specification database is the result of spending many hours and long days collecting information from various manufacturers' websites, as well as from Ritchie Bros. employees personal collections.

[edit] Why Use the Specs?

The idea for the spec site came from two long-time Ritchie Bros. employees -- Ken Duncan and Clay Tippett -- who were at a tradeshow in Dubai in late 2007. The RitchieSpecs tool has specifications for more than 11,000 different machines and growing. Not only can you find out the length and width of a machine, perhaps for transporting purposes, but you can also find out other information such as the depth an excavator can dig, or the bucket capacity of a wheel loader. There is also a comparison feature on the specifications tool that allows you to evaluate up to four different models of equipment at a time.

[edit] To Visit RitchieSpecs